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Hope Begins on July 16th
Location:Pier 39 & 35 San Francisco

Docu-Drama. -"Full Circle" -The Epic Return to Trinity"

The epic journey is an eye-opening look into the ever lurking nuclear threat and the sacrifice of voiceless monks who for 60 years have carried the fate of humanity with each step…

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Epic Walk

This epic walk for humanity begins on the northern walkway between Pier 35 and world famous Pier 39, with the Tall Ship Nippon Maru as the back drop. The Japanese community from throughout California will be present, together with people from all over the world who will send off the Monks by walking together with them from Pier 39 to SBC Park. After which, the main caravan of motor homes, walkers, and monks will travel through 250 communities that will carry the “Atomic Flame” together with the Monks for a short distance, to share this historic experience with hundreds of peace-walkers from all over the world as they journey to the Trinity Site. The walk is being filmed and will be shown throughout the world as part of a movie.

Proceeds from the walk will benefit the Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund and will be used to destroy surplus nuclear weapons and turn them into bracelets, sold to the general public to generate more money to secure more nuclear weapons.

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