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PSA series:

During the 25 day journey, a series of celebrity driven public service announcements will air on networks throughout the world to raise awareness of the walk, and the cause.

Trinity Live Event:

Once the Monks arrive at the Trinity Site, the silent extinguishing of the “Atomic Flame” will be carried on live network news, followed by the first global moment of silence and call to end the threat and fear an Atomic detonation anywhere in the world.

Trinity Site Request:

Trinity Site

6:00pm :

The caravan will arrive at the Trinity Test Site on August 9th, 2005 at 6:00 pm. (The entire event will be a silent and reverent proceeding.)

9:00 pm :

The “Atomic Flame” will be extinguished

9:05 pm :

Global Moment of Silence

9:30 pm :

Caravan will depart Trinity. Leaving site clean and unburdened by the event.

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