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About the GND Fund

In 2004, an intriguing question captured the imagination of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, nuclear weapons specialists and entertainment industry executives: If our tax money built nuclear weapons, then why can’t we buy them back?

This led to the forming of a unique alliance between 5 dynamic (501c3) non-profit organizations that gathered during the 2005 Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference at the United Nations in New York City. The alliance then incorporated as the Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund, and two years later on May 22nd, 2006, the GND Fund and representatives of the Russian government signed a treaty allowing public participation in nuclear weapons dismantlement for the first time in history.

With offices in San Francisco, Moscow, and Tokyo, the GND Fund is actively involved in promoting and facilitating public participation in the dismantlement process of both nuclear missiles and nuclear submarines in both Russia and the United States. The GND Fund monitors and verifies the dismantlement process as well as the re-dissemination of non-radioactive metal from nuclear weapons back to the private sector for use in marketing programs that encourage consumption of products using metal from recycled nuclear weapons.

This unique and exclusive approach not only empowers global citizens with the ability to destroy nuclear weapons, but engages powerful multi-national corporations to manufacture and deliver consumer products made from the metal, resulting in direct public participation to reduce nuclear weapons stockpiles.

The alliance and GND Fund was created by Matt Taylor. The original founding members include the following international non-profit organizations and people:

  • International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW, 1985 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)
  • World Peace Music Awards (Educational Scholarship Fund)
  • Sir Joseph Rotblat of the Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs (1995 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)
  • Dr. Bruce Blair of the Center for Defense Information, Washington DC
  • ActiveMusic Foundation

The founders meeting took place on May 23, 2005 in New York City, USA. The founding members representing the founding organizations who were present or represented are:

  • Matt Taylor
  • Sir Joseph Rotblat
  • Jay Coleman
  • Susann McMahon
  • Janet Bloomberg
  • Dr. Bruce Blair
  • Pamela Meidell
  • Ira Hilfend
  • Gunner Westberg
  • Miles Copeland
  • Shingo Kanaoya
  • Cindy McClure
  • Michael Christ

The GND Fund completed its final incorporation in San Francisco, California, on January 26th, 2006. It has since received its own 501c-3 status and currently operates in six countries with offices in:

San Francisco (USA)
Moscow (Russian Federation)
Tokyo (Japan)
Beijing (China)
Mumbai (India)
Paris (France)

The Current Directors and Officers of the GND Fund are:


Matt Taylor – A 20-year veteran entertainment marketing industry professional, Taylor has pioneered several multi-media programs in the U.S. and Japan, from interactive educational programming to cutting-edge direct response television. Donating countless hours to various charitable causes, he has successfully introduced some of the world’s most popular artists to many worthy events, benefiting children, AIDS, cancer research, and nuclear disarmament.




Miles Copeland III - Mr. Copeland is a well-known pop music producer with three acts in the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.” From 1962-66, he attended Birmingham Southern College (receiving his B.A. in history and political science). He spent one semester at American University in Washington D.C. studying the works of the US government up close and personal. From 1966-69, he attended the American university of Beirut, earning his M.A. in Economics. Mr. Copeland founded Illegal records, IRS Records, and Ark 21. He has managed many bands such as the POLICE, STING, Go Go’s, and Alannah Myles.




Sergei Kolesnikov, MD, Professor -IPPNW Russia (1985 Nobel Peace Prize) co-President for CIS countries, President of the Russian affiliate of IPPNW. Sergei Kolesnikov is a renowned specialist in the field of human embryogeny and a member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. In 1999 he was elected to the RF State Duma of the RF Federal Assembly and re-elected for another term in 2003. Currently he is the Deputy Chairman of the RF State Duma Committee for Science and Education. He is the Laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize for Science. In 1984, he was awarded with the Order of Peoples Friendship (1985) and Order of Honor (1996). In 1994 he was elected as IPPNW Co-President, re-elected in 1996. Since 1998 he has been the IPPNW Vice-President for CIS countries. He is also the President of the Russian national affiliate of IPPNW.




Sergei V. Gratchev, MD, Professor - Sergei Gratchev is a renowned specialist in the field of pathophysiology. He is a member of the Scientific Council of the International Scientific Society on pathophysiology and a member of the executive committee of the Russian Scientific Pathologists. Dr. Gratchev also chairs the Moscow Scientific Society of Pathologists. From 1981 to 1987, he served as chief assistant to the Minister of Health of the former Soviet Union. Today, he is Vice-President of Science and the Director of Research at the Moscow Medical Academy (MMA). He is an acting member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. As an active member of the IPPNW's Russian affiliate since 1983, Dr. Gratchev has been responsible for the activities of student representatives and young physicians. He was an IPPNW Co-President in 1999-2001.




Shingo Kanaoya – Mr. Kanaoya has been a member of the international banking and finance community for 40 years. A specialist in M&A, business development and international business, Mr. Kanaoya’s broad experience in Europe and Asia has kept him at the forefront of leading environmental technologies. As a key negotiator in the GNDF / Nuclear Dismantlement Treaty, he has dedicated the past two years to nuclear disarmament issues.




Pamela S. Meidell – Ms. Meidell is the Director of the Atomic Mirror and chair of the Disarmament Task Force of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. Ms. Meidell is a highly respected expert in the area of nuclear policy, and represented Sir. Joseph Rotblat and the Pugwash Conference on Science and World Affairs together with Janet Bloomfield in founding the GNDF.




Susann McMahon - Susann launched her career in activism and music production starting as a volunteer for the 1979 "No Nukes" concerts which were held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, and received an RIAA certified gold triple album and became an Academy Award nominated documentary film. The project garnered over $1,000,000 for non-profit organizations. During her 25 year career in production, Susann has established credibility for the quality of her productions and work with artists and the non-profit organizations she serves. She has shown her skill of producing in all mediums, with all levels of artists, while raising millions of dollars for non-profit grass roots organizations and bringing a sense of magic, consciousness raising and professionalism to all of her events. Since ActiveMusic's inception, Susann and ActiveMusic have distributed over $1,500,000 to non-profit organizations.




Roman Dolgov, MA - Mr. Dolgov started working for IPPNW in 1992 and currently occupies the position of Coordinator of International Projects. He has coordinated a number of international projects in the field of nuclear disarmament, nuclear security, effects of production, stockpiling and testing of nuclear weapons. Since 1998, with IPPNW's agenda extending to Mine Ban and Small Arms issues, he has coordinated the Russian Campaign to Ban Landmines. He took part in the production of a series of information-analytical publications, including "Atom Declassified" information series, Nukes Are Not Forever, Human Factor: Risk of Incidental Nuclear War, yearly Landmine Monitor World Reports, and A Guide to Mine Action, among others. In December 2005 he started working for the GNDF as the GNDF Logistics Coordinator in Moscow.

TIME / Salary: Although most directorial positions in the GNDF are voluntary, some members are and will be allowed a small salary (or stipend) to help off-set their time contribution to the foundation. This salary however, is limited to a maximum of USD $80,000 per year, as stated in the bylaws of the foundation.

Matt Taylor is a Co-Executive Director and President.
He spends 80 hours per week performing his duties for GNDF.
His duties include:

  • Coordinating the global activities of the GNDF.
  • Negotiating and facilitating dismantlement treaties.
  • Verifying dismantlement work in Russia and the US.
  • Promoting the agenda of the GNDF through feature films, music properties, and the media.

Mr. Taylor has been a volunteer since the GNDF’s inception, and starting from August 2008 will be compensated approximately $80,000 per year for his work for the GNDF. (Update: As of June 2009, Mr. Taylor continues to accept no salary compensation for his work with the GNDF)

Miles Copeland III – is a Co-Executive Director of the GNDF.
He spends approximately 200 hours per year for the GNDF.
His duties include:

  • Soliciting celebrity participation in the GNDF.
  • Producing charity events for the GNDF.
  • Promoting understanding of the GNDF agenda to Middle Eastern countries.
  • Providing entertainment marketing strategy solutions to increase public awareness.

Mr. Copeland is not compensated for his participation.

Sergei Kolesnikov – is a Director of the GNDF.
He spends approximately 200 hours per year for the GNDF.
His duties include:

  • Spearheading negotiations and cooperation from the Russian Government.
  • Guiding the dismantlement process in several nuclear countries.
  • Maintaining a GNDF presence in Russia and Europe.
  • Offering his technical expertise in nuclear disarmament.

Mr. Kolesnikov is not compensated.

Sergei V. Gratchev – is a Director of the GNDF.
He spends approximately 200 hours per year for the GNDF.
His duties include:

  • Assisting in the logistical process of dismantled material returning to public use.
  • Facilitating visa support for multi-national GNDF team.
  • Accounting for GNDF activities.

Mr. Gratchev is not compensated.

Shingo Kanaoya – is a Director and Secretary of the GNDF.
He spends approximately 1800 hours per year for the GNDF.
His duties include:

  • Facilitating GNDF activities world wide.
  • Operating GNDF facilities in Japan, China, India, UK, and France.
  • Coordinating international financing requirements for GNDF.
  • Supervising corporate partnerships in support of GNDF.
  • Establishing banking relations for GNDF.

Mr. Kanaoya is compensated approximately $60,000.00 per year for his work. (Update: As of June 2009, Mr. Kanaoya continues to accept no compensation for his work with the GNDF)

Pamela S. Meidell – is a Director of the GNDF.
She spends approximately 200 hours per year for the GNDF, but is dedicated full time to the same issues with similar organizations that are linked to GNDF work.
Her duties include:

  • Information of nuclear threats
  • Coordination between other NGO’s
  • Expertise in nuclear issues

Mrs. Meidell is not compensated.

Susann McMahon – is a Director of the GNDF.
She spends approximately 200 hours per year for the GNDF, but is dedicated full-time in the area of artist relations in support for the GNDF and like-minded organizations.
Her duties include:

  • Artist coordination
  • Event Planning
  • Production of entertainment properties to raise awareness of GNDF work.

Mrs. McMahon is not compensated.

Roman Dolgov – is a Director of the GNDF.
He spends approximately 1500 hours per year for the GNDF.
His duties include:

  • Logistical support / coordination for GNDF dismantlement teams.
  • Government negotiations coordinator.
  • Field expert (nuclear weapons dismantlement).

Mr. Dolgov is compensated approximately $30,000 per year for his work. (Update: As of June 2009, Mr. Dolgov has only accepted a small portion of salary entitled to him for his work with the GNDF)

GND Fund – Japan

Since November 2005, a preparation committee (Jumbi Iinkai) of volunteers was established in Japan to help integrate the official operations of the GNDF in Asia.

The preparation committee received support from many volunteers from many areas of industry and society. The official GNDF branch office in Tokyo was established in April 2008.

The GNDF is now registered in Japan as an NPO / NGO with special recognition. (National Registration Number 527 – Cabinet Secretary of the Government of Japan)

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