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Rev. Kazuo Miyazaki's Photo Album

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On a way to San Jose Japan Town

San Jose Buddhist Church

On a way to Hollister

Route 25

With Wasco Motel Guests

Sawada Shonin&Jim on HWY 43

Offerings (What we picked up on the road)

Group Shot with Mu Ryang Sunmin

With city mayor of Barstow

break time

Waiting for a trafic light

On a local newspaper

Sawada Shonin & Keigaku at camp site

Jade stones offered by Native American Motorist

Dinner at camp site

Abandaned structure on HWY99
5 O'clock Local TV News in Laughlin

Good bye Sawada Shonin

HWY 99 to Laughlin

Receiving massage

Phoenix City Hall

Miyamoto & Miyazaki with a cooling hat

Starshine Academy Peace Statue

StarShine Academy pot luck lunch group shot

RT 60 Near Soccorro

Children from Phoenix


Group shot


all photos are taken by Rev. Kazuo Miyazaki meet1

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