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RUSSIAN NATIONAL ORCHESTRA records “Atomic Flame”sound track.

During the night of May 13th, 2006 the historic hall of Tchaikovsky’s Moscow Conservatory will once again transform the way we listen to music and add yet another dimension to the all volunteer production of the epic docu-drama film “Full Circle”.

Under the leadership of its Founder and Artistic Director, the legendary Mikhail Pletnev, the RNO will perform 5 original scores by the popular Japanese Music Composer Yoshihiro Ike as part of the continuing outpouring of good will from around the world contributing to the completion of the all-volunteer independent documentary film.

The unique collaboration is the Russian contribution to the completion of the epic story of Buddhist monks from Nagasaki carrying the ‘Atomic Flame’ back to its point of inception after keeping it lit for 60 years.

“Unlike the American public, Russian people have a more direct connection to the bombings of Hiroshiman and Nagasaki… School children learn about the horrors of nuclear war and about the 270,000 innocent civilians who died, absent the need to justify and defend the use of the Atomic Bomb to “End WWII”. “Children who grew up in Russia during the 50’s 60’s and 70’s know how to fold Japanese paper cranes in remembrance of all the children who were vaporized and those who suffered a slow agonizing death from radiation poisoning.” Said film director Matt Taylor.

The recording will take place just three weeks after the 20th anniversary of the worst nuclear accident in the world that killed, and continues to kill tens of thousands of people in Chernobyl. Yet another tangible reason for the unique affinity between Russia and Japan toward nuclear catastrophe.

Yoshihiro IkeYoshihiro Ike will become the first Japanese music composer for film and television ever to work with the Russian National Orchestra, and is a long time admirer and fan of conductor Mikhail Pletnev. “It will be a humbling experience for me to be able to share such an important humanitarian project with a Mikhail Pletnev, true living legend whose presence and contribution will certainly touch the hearts of everyone who watches this powerful film, and feels its soul. “ said Ike in a phone interview from Tokyo.

The first Russian orchestra to perform at the Vatican and in Israel, the RNO maintains an active international tour schedule, appearing in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The orchestra is a frequent guest at major festivals, and since 1999 has performed an annual concert series in the US. Popular with radio audiences worldwide, RNO concerts are regularly aired by National Public Radio in the United States and the European Broadcasting Union.

Gramophone magazine called the first RNO CD (1991) "an awe-inspiring experience; should human beings be able to play like this?" and listed it as the best recording of Tchaikovsky's Pathétique in history. Since then, the orchestra has made more than 30 recordings for Deutsche Grammophon and PentaTone Classics, with conductors that include RNO Founder and Artistic Director Mikhail Pletnev, Vladimir Jurowski, Mstislav Rostropovich, Kent Nagano, Alexander Vedernikov and Paavo Berglund.

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