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GND Fund / Russian Federation RosAtom Reach Understanding of Treaty Agreement Details

RosAtom and Matt Talyor

Moscow- On the eve of the G8 Summit in St Petersburg Russia, officials from Russia’s Atomic Energy Agency “RosAtom”, and the Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund announce they have reached an understanding of terms to be incorporated into a historic treaty agreement that will pave the way for public participation in the dismantling and destruction of nuclear weapons.

Under the terms of the agreement, funds raised from private sources and public donations will be used to accelerate the dismantlement and destruction of thousands of strategic nuclear missiles and nuclear submarines, for the first time empowering the people of the world with the ability to have a direct impact on future global security.  Non-radio active scrap metal from the nuclear weapons will then be distributed by the GND Fund to fashion designers who will turn the former weapons of mass destruction into trendy apparel to be sold to consumers all over the world facilitating a method of participation for people everywhere to help eliminate nuclear weapons.

Weapons destroyed under the new program will be selected from both the “Operational” and “Obsolete” categorical status. The mere existence of both posing an on-going threat to the health and security of global citizens. The program will commence immediately after signing of the May 22nd treaty agreement with the destruction and disposal of certain SS-24 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and the more toxic and technically challenging liquid fueled SS-N-18 submarine launched ballistic missiles. The transportation and dismantlement costs of the solid fuel SS-24 class ICBM’s are projected to be approximately $100,000 each, and an additional $20,000 for the safe disposal. With the costs for transportation and dismantlement of the SS-N-18 class SLBM’s also at approximately USD $100,000.00 and the safe disposal of the toxic liquid fuel being an additional USD $ 80,000.00

“ Non-operational and even obsolete nuclear weapons pose a significant environmental threat as well as a high risk of being stolen and falling into the hands of rogue nations and terrorist organizations who would potentially use them” said Matt Taylor, executive director of the GND Fund.

“ Although all eight nuclear weapons states are expected to participate in the new treaty agreement, the Russian Federation will go first, challenging the United States and the rest of the nuclear weapons state community to follow suit. Past treaty agreements have made significant reductions in the number of strategic nuclear weapons, but haven’t come close to the reductions promised. And by excluding public participation in these issues, governments have failed to secure us against the possibilities of unintended nuclear exchange and theft by terrorist organizations intent on using these weapons on civilian populations.   For the first time, people everywhere can choose to either live with the danger or move toward a world free of nuclear weapons. “

Harvesting the HEU (Highly Enriched Uranium) and Plutonium from nuclear weapons arsenals is fast becoming a source of clean energy, as the weapons grade material is being blended with low yield uranium to produce rods for commercial nuclear power plants. A study commissioned by the Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund concludes that by using weapons grade uranium and plutonium available in the global arsenal of nuclear weapons, commercial nuclear power plants could generate enough clean energy to supply the entire planet with approximately ten years of power under the current rate of consumption.

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