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Steven Seagal Honored as First Private Citizen to Destroy a Nuke.

Steven SeagalA gala dinner in honor of Actor / Musician Steven Seagal for his role in becoming the first private citizen to sponsor the dismantlement and destruction of a nuclear weapon was held in the Ballroom of the Westin Tokyo Hotel last night. The list of distinguished guests was a who’s who of Japanese culture and society including sports legend Ramos, cultural icon, politicians from both the LDP and JDP, and Japanese philanthropists. Hosted by the Kaiyo Group whose charitable work in paving the way for a barrier free Japan for the disabled, the gala raised $300,000 to destroy three nuclear missiles through the work of the Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund.
Steven Seagal, who was in Tokyo promoting his new record release “Songs from the Crystal Cave” (Sony Music Japan) entertained the crowd with a jaw-popping performance of authentic Delta-Blues bringing the lucky audience to their feet. “he’s an amazing Blues musician” said Blue’s enthusiast / philanthropist Yoji Iwaoka, who had previously matched Seagal’s personal contribution of $100,000 to destroy a nuclear weapon. Himself becoming Japan’s first private citizen to respond to the public challenge to all global citizens made by Seagal to help destroy nuclear weapons months earlier.

Tokyo,Japan. Charity event video clip

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