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A-List Stars Support GND Fund in Japanese Charity Event

Matt Taylor, Ramos, Koda Kumi, Chiotaikai
Matt Taylor, Ramos, Koda Kumi, Chiotaikai

TOKYO – A parade of “A” List celebrities turned out to support Actor / Musician Steven Seagal in Tokyo Tuesday night as the multi-talented legendary action hero debuted his Blues Band for the first time in Japan during a charity concert to destroy nuclear weapons. Known throughout the world in his films as a protector of the global citizen and important social causes, In a real-life role that could have been taken right out of a Hollwood script, Seagal has become the first private citizen to underwrite the entire cost of dismantling and destroying a nuclear missile under a new program that allows unprecedented public participation in the disarmament process of nuclear weapons just as rhetoric igniting a new cold war is unleashed by U.S. Vice President Dick Chaney.

Twenty of the most well known celebrities, sports legends, and public figures in Japan ranging from Pop Dive Koda Kumi to sumo sensation Kotooshu came on stage baring flower bouquets and cash donations in support of Seagal’s action to destroy nuclear weapons. The noticeably humbled action star turned public hero was moved by the show of support after he brought the crowd to their feet with his swanky Blues sound. “After spending so much of my life in the only country to know the horrors of nuclear war, it is humbling for me to alas be able to do something that not only honors those who died, but now, every one of us can, and must take responsibility for securing the future for our children by eliminating nuclear weapons before they destroy us all.” Said Seagal.

The Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund, a San Francisco based NGO is the first private organization to pave the way for public participation in the previously untouchable process of controlling the pace of dismantling nuclear weapons, and will sign an international treaty agreement with the Russian Government later this month in Moscow that will mark the commencement of the new program beginning with dismantlement of hundreds of tactical nuclear weapons and submarines in Russia.
Seagal has been invited by both the GND Fund and the Russian Government to take part in the official ceremony and will sign the actual treaty agreement as a “witness” in representation of the global citizen.

Russia’s participation in the new program is seen as a global challenge to other nuclear weapons states to open up the issue of global security and nonproliferation to those who have the most to be concerned about; the general public. The leadership taken by the Russian government to demystify the costs and procedures involved in destroying nuclear weapons has been embraced by major celebrities in several countries, and is generating excitement among activist communities who for decades have sought direct participation in the dismantlement process.

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