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Historic Agreement Reached in Facilitating the Destruction of Nuclear Weapons

Special Press Conference
Location: ROSATOM HQ Moscow, Russian Federation
TIME: 10:00 AM.

After almost two years of tireless negotiations, endless hard work and support by scores of volunteers from all over the world, it gives us the greatest sense of hope and pleasure to inform you that for the first time ever public participation in the dismantlement and destruction of nuclear weapons has become a reality. Protocol on cooperation in facilitating programs of nuclear weapons and their carriers’ destruction negotiated by the GND Fund was signed in Moscow on May 22, 2006 at the general headquarters of the Russian National Atomic Energy Agency; RosAtom.

After the leadership of the Public Council of the RF Agency of Atomic Energy and the GND Fund signed the treaty agreement, a 90 minute Q&A session revealed many details of the historic event.
A check in the amount of USD $100,000 was presented to Igor Konyshev of RosAtom by Matt Taylor –General Director of the GND Fund as the first token installment commencing the worlds first publicly supported acceleration of the dismantlement and destruction of nuclear weapons and nuclear submarines.

What is it?
The world’s first “Public Fund” and Protocol on Cooperation - a step to an unprecedented International Agreement to allow “Public Participation” in destroying nuclear weapons. The Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund, is the World’s First Global Fund established to enable people everywhere to help dismantle and destroy nuclear weapons. For the first time, empowering global citizens with the ability to have a direct impact on the security of future generations against the use of nuclear weapons.

May 22nd 2006 – A historic agreement reached in facilitating the destruction of nuclear weapons and their carriers’ negotiated by the GND Fund has been made public during the signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Protocol and Cooperation with the leadership of Public Council of Rosatom allowing unprecedented public participation in the destruction of nuclear weapons.
This event ushers in a new era of unprecedented public participation in overcoming the effects of the nuclear arms race. The signing of the Protocol will be followed with the Treaty agreement between the GND Fund and the Russian Agency of nuclear energy or authorized by it organization that will allow to direct public donations to the fulfillment of the Russian Federal program “Industrial disposal of the armaments in 2005-2010”.

(From left to right : Roman Dolgov-GND Fund Russia, Igor Konyshev, Matt Taylor, Sergei Baranovshy, Shingo Kanaoya-GND Fund Japan)

On behalf of the Public Council of the RF Agency of Atomic Energy the Protocol will be signed by Prof. Sergei Baranovsky, Deputy Chairman, and Sergei Konyshev, Executive Secretary and Councillor to the head of the RF Agency of Atomic Energy.

On behalf of the GND Fund it will be signed by Matt Taylor, GND Fund General Director (USA), Shingo Kanaoya, GND Fund Council member (Japan), Academician Sergei Kolesnikov, Deputy Chairman of the RF State Duma Committee for Science and Education (Russia).


Average Cost of dismantling a Nuclear Missile: $100,000
How Many Are There in the World?: about 30,000

What happens to the Plutonium and Highly Enriched Uranium extracted under the GND Fund program?: -All weapons grade material is down-blended into commercial grade fuel for civilian nuclear power plants, and burned up to supply clear energy, and assuring the complete destruction of every ounce. (we will be proudly supporting the ‘Megatons to Megawatts’ program)

80% -of the world’s population want to see the complete elimination of all nuclear weapons. –And this is the first step in allowing all of us to have a voice in making that happen.
The reached agreement will also make the GND Fund the world’s only source of non-radioactive metal from nuclear weapons for public consumption. This metal will be distributed to fashion designers and apparel manufacturers throughout the world to develop clearly marked consumer products made available everywhere. THE PROCEEDS OF WHICH WILL GO DIRECTLY TOWARD THE DISMANTLEMENT OF MORE NUCLEAR WEAPONS. –Giving people everywhere a way to participate and support the program.

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