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Nuclear Weapons Abolition Alliance

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War ( IPPNW-Nobel Peace Prize, 1985), The World Peace Music Awards (WPMA), the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs ( PCSWA-Nobel Peace Prize, 1995), “Mayors for Peace”, and other strategic NGO’s have forged an unprecedented international alliance that bridges the global scientific communities with the global entertainment communities to stop the spread of nuclear weapons and accelerate nuclear disarmament.

What is it? ~Mission Statement

Create the world’s first “Public Fund” to facilitate the immediate dismantlement of nuclear weapons and empower the people of the world to have a direct impact on the destruction of nuclear weapons – before they destroy us The Nuclear Weapons Abolition Alliance has made the World’s First Global Fund established to dismantle Nuclear Weapons –by the people.

Who is it?

A strategic Alliance of Nobel Peace Prize winners, over 2000 NGO’s Mayors from 780 Cities, 30,000 school children from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and Musicians from all over the world.

IPPNW Avtive Music Center for Defence Information
Sir Joseph Rotblat British Pugwash


So, What does it cost to dismantle a Nuke? Only $100,000 per Warhead…

Why We Must Act Now?

Our “Phase 1” goal is to raise $25,000,000 and dismantle 250 Nuclear Weapons across the Eight Nation Nuclear Weapons States. (THERE ARE MORE THAN 30,000 WARHEADS, 11,000 STILL ON HAIR-TRIGGER ALAERT BETWEEN THE U.S. AND RUSSIA ABLE TO REACH TARGETS WITHIN 30 MINUTES. Theft of Nuclear Weapons and hacking launch codes is the highest priority of many Terrorism Organizations.)

How do we raise money from the Public Sector?
– Fund Raising Includes:

  • Sales of Bracelets made from discarded metal of Nuclear Weapons dismantled through the Alliance and GND Fund.
  • Sales of CD’s & DVD’s from Music and Concert Footage Donated by Musicians and Celebrities.
  • Bracelets, CD’s & DVD’s will be sold via Internet, and in-store outlets of Global Partners.

How we raise Money from Corporations and Cities?

  1. 30,000 School Children from Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and other countries are writing letters to CEO’s of every major company in the world; asking them to help eliminate Nuclear Weapons by sponsoring dismantlement. NWA-Alliance volunteers then follow-up with phone calls, information, and collections.
  2. CEO-Challenge – Hi-Profile CEO’s will issue a public challenge to other CEO’s to match donations to the fund.
  3. City-Challenge – Cities will ask their Chamber of Commerce to raise at least $100,000 from members o dismantle a Weapon in the name of the city.

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