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For Immediate Release-Breaking News June 1st, 2005

Nobel Prize A-Bomb Scientist Inspires Global Fund to Destroy Nukes.

Music Industry to Help Destroy Weapons

In the midst of the Non-Proliferation Treaty review at the United Nations this month, a gathering of Nobel Prize winning NGOs, Nuclear Weapons Specialists and music industry marketing executives launched the world’s first private fund aimed at destroying nuclear weapons.

Known as “the man who walked away from the Manhattan Project”, after it became clear in December 1944 that Germany would soon fall and Hitler would not be able to develop an Atomic Bomb, 1995 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former Manhattan Project Scientist Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat, said “Popular music today is universal and has a special way of reaching the hearts and minds of young people. My hope is that the appeal from the artists in this campaign, through the medium of music, will make it unthinkable for anyone to explode a nuclear weapon. This campaign continues with new ideas and a new spirit the work to which I have dedicated my life. “

The Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund will target corporate CEOs, individuals, and music fans all over the world with a challenge to “help destroy a Nuke”, and claims that for $100,000 a single Nuclear Weapon can be dismantled, although the complete destruction would cost more. Discarded metal from missiles will then be melted down and fashioned into contemporary “cause bracelets”, uniting abolitionists around the world. “Money raised by selling the bracelets will help destroy more Nukes, and empower regular people with the ability to help rid the world of nuclear weapons,” said Gunnar Westberg M.D., Co-President of the IPPNW (International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War) and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate of 1985. Also high on the agenda of the GND Fund administrators, will be to raise awareness around the facts. Of the more than 30,000 nuclear weapons in the world, 4,000 remain on “hair-trigger” alert in the United States and Russia, despite the end of the Cold War 15 years ago. These warheads represent a destructive power 100,000 times greater than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima 60 years ago.

“These weapons remain on high-alert and are integrated into an automatic response system whereby if one launches, or a false alarm occurs, all may launch in response, says Dr. Bruce Blair of the multi-national Center for Defense Information in Washington DC. “In the age of cyber terrorism, as terrorists continue efforts to hack into Strategic Command launch systems, this makes the reality of an unintended nuclear exchange, a stone cold possibility.” Dr. Blair is considered by many to be the world’s foremost authority on the subject of “accidental nuclear war” and is a former Minuteman-II launch officer.

“The Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund” will be promoted world-wide by popular musicians and celebrities” said Jay Coleman of EMCI, a company that has been at the heart of highly successful corporate campaigns and collaborations in the music industry for more than 30 years. “For the first time, the people of the world will have the power to destroy Nuclear Weapons one at a time, and systematically pressure governments to accelerate the pace of disarmament.”

According to Mikhail Margelov, chairman of the Federation Council (parliament's upper house) international affairs committee, the idea of a global fund to help accelerate the destruction of nuclear weapons has been well received in Russia, where they are now considering a challenge to other Nuclear Weapons States to participate in what could become the world’s first “disarmament race”. “I think it's a great idea. It gives the Russian government an opportunity to show their leadership and commitment to disarmament issues.”

The Nuclear Weapons Abolition Alliance is the NGO formed to administer the fund, and is sending an official delegation to Russia next month to begin talks about scheduling the first weapon to be destroyed by the GND Fund.

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