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-For the first time, we the people will have the ability to accelerate the
global dismantlement of nuclear weapons…

“Nobel Prize A-Bomb Scientist Inspires Global Fund to Destroy Nukes.”
- Music Industry to Help Destroy Weapons

Known as “the man who walked away from the Manhattan Project”, after it became clear in December 1944 that Germany would soon fall and Hitler would not be able to develop an Atomic Bomb…1995 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former Manhattan Project Scientist Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat

Sir Joseph RotblatStatement by Sir Joseph Rotblat in support of
The Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund

For sixty years I have worked for the abolition of nuclear weapons. During this time popular movements have time and again mobilized great numbers of people against nuclear weapons. These movements were able, in 1963, to stop the atmospheric tests of nuclear weapons which were poisoning our planet, and have caused the deaths by cancer of millions of humans. In almost all countries of the world a large majority of people support the total abolition of nuclear weapons. There have been no effective ways for people to express this desire for a world free from the threat of nuclear war. Now, in the Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund, we see for the first time artists and the general public across the globe working for the dismantling of nuclear weapons. Every one of us can, through this campaign, contribute to this great goal. Popular music today is universal and has a special way of reaching the hearts and minds of young people. My hope is that the appeal from the artists in this campaign, through the medium of music, will make it unthinkable for anyone to explode a nuclear weapon. This campaign continues with new ideas and a new spirit the work to which I have dedicated my life.

Sir Joseph Rotblat
1908 ~ Aug 30th, 2005
Nobel Peace Laureate 1995


The Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund

  • IPPNW (International Physicians for Prevention of Nuclear War –1985 Nobel Peace Prize)
  • Professor Sir Joseph Rotblat -1995 Nobel Peace Prize
  • The British Pugwash Group
  • World Peace Music Awards (501 (c)-3)
  • Dr. Bruce Blair of the Center for Defense Information –Washington DC
  • ActiveMusic (501 (c)-3)


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