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The Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund is the first international organization sanctioned to engage in the dismantlement of nuclear weapons through public participation. We are also dedicated to creating new industries to empower global citizens with innovative uses of nuclear weapons.

As the exclusive grant provider and fiduciary agent of Panacea Discovery, we are proud to provide over 90% of all contributions to our "An End To Cancer" campaign directly to this research and immediate development of a process to eradicate cancer.

Panacea Discovery has in process the development of two powerful weapons in the fight against cancer that promises the complete eradication of the disease, as we know it. The first is a single treatment to cure cancer. The second is a noninvasive way to detect cancer just before it occurs. We project having these treatments available as soon as 2008 if we get proper funding. Your donation will contribute to the acceleration of delivering these new discoveries to the public.

The helpless feeling of watching traditional treatments currently available to the medical community being administered on loved ones has impacted us all. Panacea Discovery is turning a corner that could see the days of inserting, removing, injecting, irradiating and chemically assaulting patients as they suffer the painful side effects of treatment, fade into memory. Panacea Discovery clinical trails are aimed at a single treatment to cure cancer.

It’s been more than three decades since Americans declared, “War on cancer.” Progress has been made, but it has been incremental. Far too many patients still do not survive cancer, and those who do survive can attest to the physical and emotional hardships resulting from the side effects of current cancer treatments. With the limited scope of treatments available, successful results are too often defined as changing a “terminal illness” to a “chronic illness” or in five-year survival rates. And the price of this success is a multi-billion dollar tax on society to fund the drug and pharmaceutical treatments necessary to achieve them. This treatment strategy would end the war on cancer in an uneasy truce rather than a total victory.

We reject this approach in favor of a strategy that makes cancer a curable disease rather than a chronic disease, or one that can be held a bay for a few more years. The Board of Directors of the Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund recognized this potential and adopted a resolution in support of the research being accomplished at Panacea Discovery, using nuclear science and medicine to work towards this very strategy.

The theory can be explained in very simple terms. Panacea Discovery has begun to successfully develop a new generation of molecules that seek out and bind specifically to cancer cells. These precision-guided molecules potentially can not only be used to non-invasively detect cancer, they can also be used to destroy cancer cells without harming healthy surrounding tissue and thereby prevent the unpleasant side effects so frequently associated with traditional cancer treatments.

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