Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund

Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund

Sir Joseph Rotblat
Prof. Sir Joseph Rotblat

Nobel Prize A-Bomb Scientist Inspires Global Fund to Destroy Nukes …

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GNDFund supports nuclear medicine technologies in the fight against cancer …

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With your $24-donation, you receive one copy of "Lantern and Crane"

The documentary movie, "Atomic Flame" has become to an easy reading children book with ever-lasting message of peace.

The Lantern and the Crane


Historic Agreement Reached in Facilitating the Destruction of Nuclear Weapons

Historic Agreement Reached in Facilitating the Destruction of Nuclear Weapons

From The Public Council of the RF Agency of Atomic Energy and The Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund

The signing ceremony in Moscow, Russia on May 22, 2006 inside the RosAtom General Headquarters. Press Release

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Aka -Atomic Flame “Three Minutes to Midnight.

Almost 60 years ago a flame was kindled from the embers of the City of Hiroshima after the world’s first atomic bomb was dropped on a civilian population in hopes of ending World War II. Three days later, a second Atomic Bomb was dropped on the civilian population of the only Christian City in Japan, Nagasaki. The flame still burns today and has become a symbol of hope for peace and a reminder that nuclear weapons must never again be used on civilian populations.

For decades Buddhist Monks have walked endlessly between Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the belief that their selfless sacrifice and prayers for peace will make Nagasaki the last city in the world ever to know the horrors of Nuclear War.This time they were joined by Native Americans, Veterans, and peace groups of all faiths for their final 1600 mile journey across deserts, over mountain ranges and through more than 250 communities as they walked from San Francisco to the Trinity Test Site in New Mexico, location of the first Atomic Bomb detonation. Once returned to its origin, the flame that has been kept for 60 years was extinguished. A docudrama is now being made to commemorate these important events.

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WMD Library
All the questions you have, answered by the experts who know. Get the facts.

Global Nuclear Video Forum
Talk about the issues with “next generation” nuclear experts in your language. (English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German, France and Arabic.)

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Walk Archives

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"New Beginning"
A Solid Steel Egg Formed from Dismantled Nuclear Weapons

Official GNDF Nuclear Dismantlement Video
–Nagasaki 2011-

GND Fund / Russian Federation RosAtom Reach Understanding of Treaty Agreement Details

Moscow-On the eve of the G8 Summit in St Petersburg Russia, officials from Russia’s Atomic Energy Agency “RosAtom”,and the Global Nuclear Disarmament Fund announce they have reached an understanding of terms to be incorporated into a historic treaty agreement that will pave the way for public participation in the dismantling and destruction of nuclear weapons.
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RUSSIAN NATIONAL ORCHESTRA records “Atomic Flame”sound track.
Yoshihiro Ike Mikhail Pletnev

Japanese composer Yoshihiro Ike wrote the movie score recorded by the Russian National Orchestra, led by legendary conducter Mikhail Pletnev.
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A-List Stars Support GND Fund in Japanese Charity Event.

Matt Taylor, Ramos, Koda Kumi, Chiotaikai

Matt Taylor, Ramos, Koda Kumi, Chiotaikai
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